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ShimmerEVM Access Nodes

The HAVN Launchpad supports project scaling on ShimmerEVM by providing dedicated RPC-Endpoints. Never let high traffic slow you down.

What is ShimmerEVM?

The ShimmerEVM chain is a major release and the initial link of a series of chains, designed for smooth, speedy, and safe handling of smart contracts. It runs on the Shimmer Network, the staging network of IOTA, and is available as a public chain.

ShimmerEVM supports direct L2 cross-chain value movements without needing bridges. Additionally, it promotes complete flexibility and integration of smart contracts, even between different L2 chains, guards against unwanted value removal via MEV, and offers a complimentary Random Number Generator (RNG) for smart contracts. Moreover, it’s among the most eco-friendly ledgers available.

Source: IOTA Foundation

Key Features of ShimmerEVM

ShimmerEVM is EVM compatible, allowing developers to directly transfer their Solidity smart contracts from Ethereum to the IOTA/Shimmer network. This compatibility enables the seamless integration of existing applications with minimal effort for a broader community. 

ShimmerEVM extends the functionality of the traditional EVM by offering native assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This expanded functionality opens up new possibilities for developers to create and manage a wide array of digital assets on the IOTA network. In addition and as a novelty in the space, Shimmer provides robust protection against the manipulation of the order of transactions, known as Miner Extractable Value (MEV) protection. This safeguards the integrity and fairness of smart contract execution on the IOTA network.

The IOTA Foundation well summarizes ShimmerEVM’s benefits:

  • EVM Compatible: Run your contracts from other smart contract chains with minimal to no adjustments
  • Extended EVM functionality: So-called ‘magic contracts’ allow you to interact with native assets and NFTs from Layer 1, utilize native randomness, and communicate with other chains anchored to Shimmer by simply calling functions on these pre-deployed contracts.
  • MEV protection: Our leaderless consensus ensures additional security enhancements through the random ordering of the transactions in a block to better protect you against sandwich attacks and other MEV techniques.
  • L1 Native Asset support: Effortlessly send your SMR and actual tokens (and in the future NFTs and custom Native Assets) to the ShimmerEVM through Firefly to the contract address and destination network, no special bridge is needed
  • Node support: Next to the validator nodes, ShimmerEVM also supports (pruning) access nodes and (non-pruning) archive nodes allowing qualified node operators from projects to run their own nodes to their demands on request.
  • All the other good stuff ISC comes with: We also offer a custom API, metadata functionality, a CLI, a set of core contracts including account and governance functionality for the chain, and much more. Please refer to the Wiki for more information on everything supported by ISC.

Overall, ShimmerEVM not only offers the familiar programming environment of the EVM but also extends its functionality with native assets, native tokens, MEV protection, and seamless integration into the Shimmer ecosystem and is interoperable with any other AppChain.

What are Access Nodes?

Access nodes are core components of the Shimmer network that are crucial in facilitating communication between devices and the distributed ledger. They serve as gateways, allowing users to connect to the Shimmer network and interact with its various features and functionalities. The node software itself is called “wasp” and is connected to the Layer 1 Hornet Node Software.

From an architecture perspective, Access Nodes are connected to other Access and Validator Nodes. The Validator Nodes are responsible for handling the consensus mechanism within the network. As direct access to Validator nodes is not recommended (as they can be attacked) access to the network is gained through Access Nodes, which don’t participate in the consensus, but are a gateway (RPC-Endpoint) for projects to interact with Shimmer Network and the EVM. For more technical details, please refer to the IOTA Wiki.

Benefits of Access Nodes and RPC Endpoints for EVM Projects

One of the key benefits of using Access Nodes and RPC endpoints for interacting with ShimmerEVM is the secure and efficient connection they provide to the smart contract platform. These access nodes act as gateways, allowing users to interact with the ShimmerEVM network and access its various features.

The Shimmer Network offers access to native randomness, native assets, and metadata functionality. Native randomness is crucial for applications that require verifiable and unbiased random number generation, ensuring fairness and transparency. Native tokens and assets enable the creation, transfer, and management of custom tokens on the ShimmerEVM network, facilitating the development of diverse financial and decentralized applications.

Using a dedicated Access Node (RPC / Remote Procedure Call endpoints) further enhances the convenience of interacting with the ShimmerEVM network. These endpoints provide a standardized interface for communication, making it easier for developers to build applications that interact with the ShimmerEVM platform. By using RPC endpoints, developers can make requests to the network, retrieve information, and interact with smart contract software programmatically, streamlining the development process.

In summary, leveraging Access Nodes and RPC endpoints offers numerous benefits for interacting with ShimmerEVM. They provide a secure and efficient connection to the smart contract platform, enabling access to native randomness, native assets, and metadata functionality. Furthermore, RPC endpoints simplify communication with the network, enhancing the convenience of building applications on top of the ShimmerEVM network.

Why Your Blockchain Project Should Use its Own Hosted Access Nodes

When running an EVM project, you need tools and services that make things work smoothly. One key tool is the Access Nodes and RPC endpoints. Here’s why using our hosted services is a smart move for your project:

  1. Handle More Users: Our system can deal with lots of users at the same time. This means your project can grow and serve more people without any hitches. Your users get a fast and smooth experience, making them happy.
  2. Always On: Nobody likes interruptions. With our service, you can be sure your project is always up and running. This means fewer headaches for you and a reliable service for your users.
  3. Safety First: We all know how important safety is, especially in the blockchain world. Our services are built to protect your project’s data from bad actors. This means you can focus on building your project, knowing your data is safe with us.
  4. We Handle the Tech Stuff: Tech can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. We make sure everything is updated and working well. This means less work for you and a better experience for your users, as you can fully focus on the application layer.
  5. Save Costs: Building your own system can be expensive. With our services, you get top-notch tools without the big price tag. This means you can use that saved funding for other important parts of your project.
  6. Get Started Fast: Time is money. With our services, you can get things up and running in no time. This means you can start or expand your project quickly and real-time, without waiting around.
  7. We’re Here to Help: If you have questions or run into problems, we’re here to help. Our team knows their stuff and will get things sorted out for you. This means less stress for you and quick solutions to any issues.

In summary, a hosted RPC endpoint provides your EVM project with a reliable, secure, and efficient way to interact with the IOTA and Shimmer EVM networks, allowing your project to focus on its primary objectives and growth.

Order your Access Node today and get started within Minutes

At the time of writing, we are providing an assisted setup process, after getting in touch with the HAVN Labs team through our website, email, discord, or other channels. Together we will evaluate your demand and node sizing, as well as invoicing details.

That’s it – you are all set!

After the ordering process is complete, your node is automatically synchronized to the ShimmerEVM Network and available within minutes. The connection details of your endpoint are available in the portal. You can now freely use your endpoint to connect it to your wallet and dApp, for all types of read and write requests, and use the ShimmerEVM explorer URL at for additional details of your transactions. 

With a focus on user experience, our setup process combines an array of features. From the setup and peering of the base layer node software (Hornet) to the setup of the Access Node, a unique hostname, DNS entries, the pairing to existing nodes, and of course the automatic synchronization to the EVM chain. We will take care of everything.

After the setup is complete you are able to access the Hornet dashboard with your HAVN Launchpad credentials. The Access Node dashboard (wasp dashboard) is also available on request.

Over the coming weeks, we will implement additional feature upgrades to make the ordering and deployment directly available through the HAVN Launchpad.

Get in touch today and utilize the maximum performance of Shimmer and the ShimmerEVM:



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