Introducing EVM Sandbox: Revolutionizing Blockchain Development

Our EVM Sandbox streamlines developer workflows by providing rapid, automated setups and the ability to configure & launch L2 EVM chains. The integration into CI/CD pipelines is seamless, offering developers a web3 multi staging environment, to create, test, and then discard these chains and their data. This enables efficient, secure and compliant development cycles from start to finish for dApps utilizing an EVM.

EVM Sandbox - Your production-ready Web3 staging environment | Product Hunt

Today, we’re excited to unveil a game-changing resource for the blockchain developer community: the HAVN EVM Sandbox Environment. Designed to empower developers with a virtual playground for smart contract execution, our runtime environment allows for experimentation with various ideas, configurations, and functionalities in a risk-free setting before taking them live.

The Challenges of Traditional EVM Chain Testing

Historically, testing an Ethereum Virtual Machine chain was a formidable task. Setting up a Testnet or isolated environment required extensive manual work and significant financial investment, creating barriers for companies. Moreover, the strict regulations surrounding data privacy, particularly compliance, made it impractical to use real-data-based sets for testing purposes on public networks (like Ethereum Goerli or Avalanche Fuji). These challenges often slowed down the development cycle and increased costs, making innovation less accessible.

A Leap Forward with HAVN EVM Sandbox

The HAVN EVM Sandbox represents a significant leap forward in blockchain development for decentralized applications. For the first time, developers can create new L2-EVM Chains in under 60 seconds with minimal time investment. By providing a custom pre-funded wallet, developers can start deploying their smart contract code immediately via REMIX, Hardhat, or other EVM tools.

Real Data Testing in a Secure Environment

One of the most groundbreaking features of our sandbox is the ability to use real data for testing. This data remains secure within a private environment and is not permanently stored on a public blockchain. Consequently, developers can fully delete the test chain after testing, ensuring complete data privacy and GDPR compliance. This capability simplifies the testing process, making it both easy and cost-effective, especially for companies concerned with data security.

Tailored for Blockchain Developers: Our Unique Key Features at a Glance

The HAVN EVM Sandbox is tailored to meet the needs of blockchain developers. These include:

  • Full Web3 Multistaging Environment via frontend and API, enabling an automated setup of customizable L2 EVM Chains in your CI/CD pipeline
  • Default Gas-free RNG (Random Number Generator), at no extra cost, for the entire network
  • Choose your own gas fee or set it to zero
  • Custom Pre-Funded Wallet & auto-add your network to MetaMask
  • Directly Connect and Deploy Smart Contracts into your new environment via REMIX
  • Public or private environment options with one or multiple validators for testing and production
  • Use production data safely and delete the chain after testing for full GDPR compliance

Start your own Web3 Multistaging Environment in 60 seconds!

To kick off your development with the EVM Sandbox in just 60 seconds, follow these detailed steps:

  1. Visit the Platform: Head to to access the portal that’s your gateway to a multitude of resources for blockchain development.
  2. Create an Account: Use your email address to sign up and log into the platform
  3. Initiate Your EVM Sandbox: Click on the “+ Launch AppChain” button to start creating your test network. Input your desired AppChain name, and set your gas fees (even to zero if you prefer). Then, provide your wallet address where we will fund your wallet to get you started.
  4. Connect to your EVM Sandbox (MetaMask, Remix, Hardhat): After initializing your AppChain, you will be directed to your dashboard displaying your new chain’s EVM ID, alias address, gas fees, and endpoints. Here, you can add the new chain to MetaMask as a new network.
  5. Exploration and Development: Use the JSON-RPC API or WebSocket URL to connect your AppChain to your development environment. This allows you to leverage the full capabilities of the EVM Sandbox in your CI/CD pipeline.
  6. API Integration: Everything is also accessible via API, providing you with the ability to automate the creation and management of your EVM Sandbox environments. Please contact us for direct API integration to seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and workflows for a more efficient CI/CD pipeline.
  7. Integrate your Sandbox into your CI/CD pipeline

    For a fully automated approach, it is recommended to include the EVM Sandbox creation directly into your CI/CD pipeline via API providing developers with a dependable Web3 multi-staging environment on demand.

    The integration into e.g. GitHub Actions streamlines the development lifecycle for companies by allowing the immediate ramp-up and teardown of L2 EVM chains with each code commit.

    Post-validation, the CI/CD pipeline automatically disposes of the L2 EVM chain, managing resources judiciously and ensuring data privacy. The EVM Sandbox ensures that the CI/CD process is complete, providing developers with a powerful and comprehensive toolkit for Web3 development.
Introducing EVM Sandbox: Revolutionizing Blockchain Development
EVM Sandbox Part 2 Remix Deployment

A Developer’s Workflow Reimagined

Comparing the traditional development workflow with Truffle/HardHat and Ganache (deprecated 02/24) to our execution environment, it’s clear that the latter offers a more streamlined, efficient, and flexible process, where the heavy lifting is handled by the cloud. From the initial setup, which takes less than one minute, to the seamless CI/CD integration via our API, we strive to enhance developer & team productivity.

Test your solidity smart contracts in a private fully EVM-compatible staging environment.

Why Developers Love the EVM Sandbox

Marcel, a seasoned blockchain developer, shares his excitement about the EVM Sandbox:

“The EVM Sandbox transformed our workflow by enabling rapid deployment and offering customizable environments of full chains directly through GitHub Actions. These private execution environments significantly reduce our development cycle, bypassing common setup and configuration delays, automated unit tests, and secure handling of sensitive data. The Sandbox API has been instrumental in enhancing our productivity and security, marking a significant shift in our development approach.”

Join Us on Product Hunt

As we launch the EVM Sandbox on Product Hunt, we invite you to explore its features and share your feedback. We believe that our platform can significantly impact how blockchain applications are developed, and we’re excited to see what you will build with it.

Your innovation starts here. Dive into the EVM Sandbox, set up your L2 chain, and join the revolution in blockchain development. Happy developing!

Please try it out and vote for us on Product Hunt.

EVM Sandbox - Your production-ready Web3 staging environment | Product Hunt
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